1. Security Considerations
  2. Essential Extensions
  3. Recommended Extensions
  4. Worth a Look
    1. Navigation and Search
    2. Snippets
    3. Spelling and Autocomplete
    4. Debugging and Linting
    5. Text Manipulation
    6. Markdown
    7. Git and GitHub Integration
    8. Text Viewing

VSCodium/VSCode Extensions

Extensions can change the way VSCodium/VSCode works and add new features that make it much easier to use.

Security Considerations

WARNING: Extensions are running code on your computer, thus there is a possibility that they could do damage. Don’t just carelessly install a ton of extensions. Take a look at each one and ask yourself:

  1. Do I really need what this extension provides?
  2. Does it look reputable? Are the docs complete and well written?
  3. How many downloads does it have? Ideally a few thousand or more.
  4. If you really want to be thorough, do a search on the broader internet or in security forums to see if there are any mentions of issues with this extension.

Essential Extensions

I strongly recommend that you install these extensions. They will help you catch errors in your HTML & CSS as well as formatting your code properly. The live server will allow you to see the page you are working update in realtime.

Worth a Look

Some of the below extensions may have overlapping or duplicate functionality with the above extensions. I don’t necessarily recommend installing all of them, just the ones that are useful to you.


Spelling and Autocomplete

Debugging and Linting

Text Manipulation


Git and GitHub Integration

Text Viewing